As a network of thought leaders involved in social progress, the Centre for Ecological, Social & Informatics Cognitive Research focuses on the following aspects:

  • Investigate human and non-human perceptions, cognition, and emotions with the triple aim of establishing more inclusive ethics, improving self-realization and happiness, and enabling personal and social transformation.
  • Develop a better understanding of the global ecology to help build an improved and more sustainable future.
  • Look at psychological, social, political, economic, organizational, etc. issues that restrict progress and propose actionable solutions to move forward.
  • Study and practice innovative knowledge generation approaches, such as for instance creativity and intuition as complementary to rationality.
  • Propose and apply innovative solutions and improved patterns of thinking to address world problems and facilitate improved relations.
  • Examine technologies, culture, education, media, arts and other potential contributors to social progress, and suggest usages and designs towards that goal.
  • Educate, inspire, and advocate on the above points with an approach that is inclusive and multidisciplinary.